About CAMM

Our mission

Our purpose is to coordinate research and education that foster the application of mathematics and computation to biomedical research and clinical practice in order to improve human health in the state, region, and beyond.

Why math and medicine?

Our understanding of complex biological systems, and resulting conclusions about human health, are increasingly based on quantitative measurement and models built from first principles. Both fundamental medical research and bedside clinical treatment are on the verge of being transformed by the application of quantitative approaches to living systems and the growing mountains of data collected about them.

Physicians are often not well trained to apply the techniques of mathematical modeling and computation that have been refined over centuries by applied mathematicians. Similarly, academic mathematicians need guidance to find challenging medical problems that are relevant to medical science or clinical practice.

By facilitating interaction and collaboration between the members of these communities, CAMM enhances the application of current mathematical knowledge to medicine and accelerates the understanding of societally important intellectual challenges that will shape new generations of mathematical researchers.



Prof. Tobin Driscoll

Associate Director

Prof. Richard Braun

Associate Director

Prof. Pak-Wing Fok

Affiliated faculty at the University of Delaware

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